IMAGIXMEDIA design and develop learning solutions that engage learners, resulting to better knowledge retention and improve job performance.  With our core strategies and high client’s approval rating, we’ve successfully implemented learning projects using industry standard instructional methodologies.


Our services and consulting team comprised of experienced instructional designers, developers and technology professionals who work efficiently and effectively to assess each client's unique business challenges, so that all developed solutions are tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

Successful project implementation is our firm goal and we achieved this through steady collaboration with our clients starting with understanding our clients even before a project kicks-off.

Once IMAGIXMEDIA has delivered and our client’s has implemented the project, an equally critical factor affecting the success of the project is the evaluation and end-user experience. We conduct a thorough evaluation process to determine successes and areas for improvement all recorded in a final post-Morten Report.


Not just speed, we also focused on quality…


If you have a current or future learning and design projects, feel free to contact us, so that we can provide you more information about IMAGIXMEDIA’s Design & Development Services.


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