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We build eLearning modules based on a solid process  from partnering with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to storyboarding, reviews, module development, testing, and finishes with a final sign-off and implementation.


eLearning provides you the opportunity to supplement or fully transfer traditional instructions to web-based training.


We can transform any type of content to a more robust and interactive approach.  Research shows, that eLearning has become a cost-effective and justified strategy.

Elements of eLearning

The Course Hierarchy refers to how a course is structured in logical sequence for eLearning. The structure of a course plays a critical role in how the audience learns the subject. Course Mapping and storyboarding are two ways to build the course hierarchy.

Like the importance of charm and charisma of the classroom instructor, the Page Layout of an online course is critical to the learning process. How a page is designed can have a huge impact on the learning experience of the audience.

Because e-learning is mostly self-pace, interacting with the learner becomes more important than most types of training methods.  Interactivity refers to how the learner interacts with the content of the course such as performing games, exercises or quizzes.

Many creative ideas are discarded because they do not work.  Likewise, a well organized eLearning course can be ill-received if it does not function properly.  User Experience refers to the testing of eLearning content and applications.

Course Hierarchy, Page Layout, Interactivity and Learner’s Experience are the 4 essential elements for an online course to be effective and successful.  Our experienced Learning Specialist and Designers have the skills and capabilities that helps them design and develop courses that meet computer-based training objectives.


Thinking of going mobile with your eLearning?

Responsive eLearning design takes its inspiration from Responsive Web Design; an approach to design that ensures a single version of a website (or an e-learning course created as a web app) can provide a viewing experience optimized to complement a variety of different devices, from desktop monitor, laptop, to tablet and smart phone.


This tailored viewing experience is achieved by:


  1. providing dynamic layouts which allow for the resizing of on-screen elements to make the most of the space available
  2. automatically detecting the characteristics of the device being used and applying an appropriate style to all on-screen elements
  3. ensuring all objects can be scaled to complement the device being used at the time

At IMAGIXMEDIA, when we design for Responsive eLearning, the most important thing we keep in mind is flexibility, so that content can be restructured and readjusted to fit different screen sizes and resolutions.


To achieve this, we carefully evaluate the design based on the breakpoints that were decided. We found that designing for all three breakpoints worked well.


Thus giving us 3 standard layouts: a desktop, a portrait tablet, and a portrait smart phone, allowing us to cover the largest, medium, and smallest screen sizes.




With so many delivery options to choose form...

Every single learning design and development project is unique encompassing our clients different objectives, so we treat each project differently and with equal importance.


We examine thoroughly which of the 2 key learning experiences that are to be adopted to be able to design the most appropriate instructions.

2 Key Learning Experiences



  • Live classroom
  • Virtual classroom (webinar/web conference)
  • Live demo or practice (Lab)
  • Virtual demo or practice (Lab)
  • Broadcast (TV or Streaming)
  • Interactive chat session




  • Product Simulation Practice (Virtual Lab)
  • Online information via LMS
  • Online/Offline Instructional Materials
  • Online Reference, Job Aids and Books Materials
  • Threaded Discussion/Forums
  • Written and Performance Test
  • Self- Assessment



If you have a current or future learning and design projects, feel free to contact us, so that we can provide you more information about IMAGIXMEDIA’s Design & Development Services.


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