eLearning, Blended Learning

The project constitutes designing and developing an eLearning module for Medworxx's Acute Adult Medical-Surgical Clinical Criteria Set.  After the initial content analysis, it was determined that the modules comprises of approximately 6 topics.


Medworxx would like the course to engage the learners and  include liberal use of multi-media assets (animations, simulations, voice-overs, supplemental learning assets, etc.) and test for understanding sections.

  • Clinical Criteria Course

    Learning Assets Details

    1. Conducted course mapping sessions with SME
    2. Storyboards for 6 topics were drafted and reviewed by SME
    3. After storyboard reviews, started building the content using using Adobe Captivate and incorporated voice-overs using Adobe Audition
    4. Completed modules were reviewed and evaluated by SME and other Medworxx Stakeholders
    5. Iterations were conducted after the reviews as there are new content to be added


Blended Learning

After meeting with SMEs and stakeholders and initial needs analysis, it was determined that webinar format will be the most efficient method to deliver the Public Opinion Polling course.

The target audience comprises of Managing Editors, Reporters and News Room Reporters situated across Canada

  • Public Opinion Polling Webinar Script

    Learning Assets Details

    To ensure that the message is consistent upon delivery by three different presenters, from the raw content gathered by the SMEs, a formal webinar script was designed.  The script was structured logically based on topic relevance, incorporating online learning inter-activities.


ILT, Blended Learning

An explainer video was created using Prezi with voice-over with corresponding info-graphic to provide variety of learning assets for the Wealth360 Portfolio Management Standard Training.

This learning asset was developed for CGI - GWCM.

  • Wealth360 Explainer Video

    Learning Assets Details

    Images and info-graphics were designed using Adobe Creative Suite.  Once all images and graphics were finalized, the explainer video was created using Prezi as well as a PDF version that serves as handout during delivery of training.

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